The Halifax Steam Brewing Company

Where it all began
The Halifax Steam Brewing Company was founded by Mr David Earnshaw in 1999. Strongly flavoured, clean, organic brews were at the epicentre of his vision. It began in his back garden, in a stone built garage with a collection of vessels and barrels, experimenting with a variety of recipes and techniques.

The first brew was the now well established Cock o’ the North, which first reached our glasses in March 2000 and remains unchanged to this day. It was in this year that the Halifax Steam Brewing Company got it’s first dedicated brewing space in Hipperholme- a red portakabin- a seemingly unlikely home for a brewery. It was on these humble foundations that The Halifax Steam Brewing Company began to construct its repertoire of distinctive and authentic recipes, that patrons from across the country travel to sample.

In 2006, the brewery developed its aspirations for quality and expanded into a brewery tap. This brewery tap was titled the Cock o’ the North. To ensure that the consistent quality of the beer was always enjoyed, the brewery remained only metres from the Cock o’ the North bar. This made sure that there was a direct ‘brewery to tap’ concept that was the first of its kind in the area. Since then, the success kept pouring in for 8 years, until The Halifax Steam Brewing Company decided it was time to develop further…

Due to an increase in demand, the bar area doubled in size to accommodate the ever increasing number of regular visitors. During the first few months of 2014 the Cock o’ the North bar underwent an expansion and facelift, which saw the brewery relocated to an adjacent building.

Customers can enjoy the warm glow of a wood burning stove, cosy sofas and a choice of seating in the cold winter months. In the summer, a private landscaped beer garden; a regular venue for live events.

Cock o’ the North